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Pathways to Inclusion: Stories from the Ally Community

Every accessibility and inclusive learning initiative is unique, but learning from the experiences of others may help you along in your journey. Hear from Ally users who have helped lead Ally roll-outs on their campuses. Each 2-page report includes this information:

  • College or University Context
  • Goals for Ally
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Evaluation and Findings
  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • Links to resources such as campus messaging and training materials

An Ally for Inclusive Practice

with Claire Gardener, University of Derby

Learn how this public university in the UK paired Ally with their inclusive learning initiative to inform their campus strategy and improve the accessibility of course files in their Blackboard Learn LMS, observing an increase in their overall accessibility score in their first few months.

An Ally for Inclusive Practice HTML

It Takes a Village

with Jeremy Olguin, Chico State University

Learn how this state university in California used Ally in their Blackboard Learn LMS to implement and scale their content remediation efforts, cutting down their document remediation time by an estimated 25% while building the foundation for a sustainable approach to course accessibility.

It Takes a Village HTML

Climbing the Accessibility Leaderboard

with Debra Padden and Christopher Soran, Tacoma Community College

Learn how this college in Washington gamified their accessibility initiative, incentivizing and motivating instructors with a leaderboard and points system that helped lead to a 30 point improvement in the accessibility of their Canvas LMS content while providing students more options for engagement.

Climbing the Accessibility Leaderboard HTML

One Foot in Front of the Other

with Nikki Stubbs and Pam Warren, Technical College System of Georgia

Learn how the team at the Technical College System of Georgia supported the roll-out of Ally across 22 campuses, including strategies used by the colleges who achieved the most significant gains in overall accessibility scores, and how a patient, iterative approach can improve outcomes.

One Foot in Front of the Other HTML

First Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture

with Dr. Bryan Berrett and Walt Hebern

Learn how this state university in California tracked their pilot progress with Ally, focusing on content remediation and professional development for faculty around Universal Design for Learning. By recruiting the support of campus administration and providing robust support for faculty, the authors discuss how they are leveraging Ally to drive a culture shift on campus toward more inclusive learning, and some of the early evidence of this shift in faculty course designs.

First Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture HTML

Data-Driven Strategies for Inclusive Learning

with Eric Kunnen, Assoc. Director, eLearning & Emerging Technologies

Learn how this state university in Michigan leverage their Ally usage and progress data to inform their campus messaging strategies, target professional development, and generate buy-in from leadership to support more university pillars for equity and inclusion.

Data-Driven Strategies for Inclusive Learning HTML