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Get Blackboard Data 

Get access to Blackboard Data by submitting a Behind the Blackboard new report case or ticket: 

  1. Login to Behind the Blackboard.
  2. Select Create a case under the Support section. 
  3. Fill in the required information on the form: 
    • Environment: Learn SaaS 

    • Issue Topic: Blackboard Data

    • Functional Area: Blackboard Data Reporting

      Submit a new support case. Account Blackboard Inc. Environment LEARN SAS. Instance Production. Issue topic Blackboard Data. Functional Area Blackboard Data Reporting. Category Blackboard Data Reporting
  4. Provide names, emails, and roles for up to 20 individuals to get Blackboard Data user accounts. 

    The roles recognized by Blackboard Data are BbDataDeveloper (Snowflake access) and BbDataReportingUser (Reporting access).

  5. Once provisioned, activate accounts by performing a first-time password reset.

Current Blackboard Data  Availability 


Current Blackboard Data and Reporting Availability
Learn SaaS
Hosting Region*
Blackboard Data Technical Availability Blackboard Data Developer Blackboard Data Reporting
US-East-1 (USA) Yes Yes Yes
CA-Central-1 (Canada) Yes Yes Yes
EU-Central-1 (EU-Frankfurt) Yes Yes Yes
AP-Southeast-1 (AP-Singapore) Yes Yes Yes
AP-Southeast-2 (AP-Sydney) Yes Yes Yes


*Important Note: Blackboard Data can only access your Blackboard Collaborate data if it is hosted in the same region as your Blackboard Learn. For more information, please visit the Blackboard Collaborate Networking Information page on Behind the Blackboard.