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Doesn't seem familiar?  Jump to journals on Blackboard app

A journal provides a personal space for you to communicate privately with your students.

You can use a journal as a medium to communicate opinion, ideas and concerns related to the courses. You can also discuss and analyse course related material using journals.

You can also grade your student’s journal contributions or use them solely for communication.

Journal on Blackboard Instructor App is only available for Ultra course view. 

Access journals

You can create the journals on the web and view them on the Blackboard instructor app.

  • Click course content from the menu within the ultra-course view
  • Click on your Journal title

Adding comment / feedback

You can add your opinion, comments, feedback, and reflections as entries on the journals. You can also grade your students using Journals.

  • Click course content from the menu under the ultra-course view
  • Click on the Journals title
  • Click on Type an entry

You get a notification every time your students add an entry on your journal. You can access the journal by clicking on the notification as well.

Removing / editing your entries

After adding your entries, you can also edit and delete it if required.

  • Edit your entry by clicking on the ‘pencil’ icon on the lower right end of your entry.
  • You can also delete the entry by clicking on the ‘dustbin’ icon.

Accessing Grading details

You can initiate a graded journal with your students. Once you add your entry to the journal, you can grade your student’s work. You can view the grading details on the journal screen. You can also find the status of entries submitted by your students on this screen.