Collaborate Get Started Intro

New to Collaborate or need a refresher?

Blackboard CollaborateTM is a simple, convenient, and reliable web conferencing solution built for education and training. Engage with the material and your instructor. Thanks to robust collaboration and conference tools, everyone feels like they're in the same room together, regardless of their location or device.

Collaborate Navigation Intro

Find your way around sessions

Imagine walking into a room that was perfectly outfitted for collaboration. The amount of tools to engage and capture are potentially endless. Like any good classroom or studio space, we must be organized.

We've organized everything into three convenient areas: a media space, the Session menu, and a Collaborate panel.

Use our accessible in-product tutorials to get up and running saving precious session time. From the Session menu, select Tell me about Collaborate and choose the features they want to walk through.

Active Collaborate session with a presentation in the main content area, whiteboard tools above the presentation, and the Collaborate panel open on the Attendees list.

Add a Profile Picture in Collaborate

Add a profile picture

Having a social presence can be critical to a successful online learning experience. Something simple as adding a profile image can make learners more comfortable with participating online.

Preview of select profile picture with crosshairs to crop. The picture is followed by Cancel and I like it buttons.
  1. Open My Settings. Select your profile picture and select your name. Or, open the Collaborate panel and select My Settings.
  2. Point to the profile picture and select it.
  3. Upload any image or use your device camera to take a photo. You can choose to use this profile picture for every session.

    PNG, JPEG, and JPG are supported file types.

  4. Adjust the image area.
  5. Select I Like it!

Collaborate remembers your choice. You don't have to do this again from the same device or browser, unless you clear your cache.

If you joined by a guest web link instead of from a course, you'll need to upload an image for each new session you join.

Collaborate Audio and Video Set Up Intro

Get set up to use your audio and video

You must complete audio and video set up at least once before you can use them.

Some browsers need access to your microphone to play audio, even if you don't plan to speak. To hear others in the session, give the browser permission to access the microphone.

Full screen audio test. When Collaborate hears sound from your microphone text appears that says "You sound grea!" There are buttons for more help or to confirm the audio is working.

After you are set up, select the microphone and video camera icons any time during a meeting to turn them on or off. With your keyboard, press Alt + M to turn your microphone on and off. Press Alt + C to turn your camera on and off.

Collaborate remembers your choice. You don't have to do this again from the same device or browser, unless you clear your cache.

Collaborate Status and Feedback

Status and feedback

Change your status to away or let others know how you feel about something said or shared in the session. Use feedback to react to presentations.

Profile picture has a menu with options to go to the My Settings panel, mark yourself as away, leave a session, or use emojis to react to something in the session. Feedback appears at the top of the Attendees list.

From the main stage, select your profile picture.

Feedback appears with an attendee's profile picture on the main stage, in the Attendees panel, and in Chat. After 30 seconds the feedback disappears.

The Away status stays until you return and select I'm back!

A summary of the feedback selected appears under the panel heading. It shows the current feedback with a count of attendees using it.

You can sort the attendees by feedback in the Attendees panel. For example, if you want to know who is happy about what was said, select Happy under the Attendees heading. Only those who are happy appear.

Collab Chatbot Support

Chatbot support

Have an issue? Get support from Collaborate's chatbot during sessions. The chatbot is always on and responds to commonly asked Collaborate questions and issues. You can ask Chatbot your questions or select from a pre-populated list. Select Chat Support in My Settings to open the Chatbot.

At the bottom of My Settings panel is a Chat support link that opens a chatbot mobel. Common issues appear in a list. Focus is on the Type your message input field.

You're ready

Now that you're set up and familiar with Collaborate, you're ready to start using it.