Custom automated messages

Custom automated messages enable administrators to create and send personalized messages to recipients of various roles at a time of their choosing. Administrators can create, customize, schedule, or deactivate messages.

Create new message

  1. Navigate to Messages, then select Custom Automated Messages

    custom automated messages home screen
  2. Select Add found at the bottom to start creating a new message.

    custom automated messages highlighting the add button
  3. Enter a name for the new message.

  4. In the file name field, begin typing the file name you want to add, and choose the file. Then select Add

    the add button encircled
  5. The recipient list appears. 

    1. Verify your fields are set up correctly. 

    2. Ensure your list contains one either a student ID, a parent ID, or a staff ID for the import to complete.

    3. Use the dropdown buttons on the header to change or ignore fields, then select Done

      Done button encircled after verifying the import list and it's headers
  6. Next, type or paste the text in the text field.

  7. You can preview your message, then select Save.

    save button encircled after creating the custom message

This message is now available in custom automated messages. 

Schedule a message

You can schedule messages to send at a later time and also set it to repeat in any pattern you want. 

  1. Navigate to Custom Automated Messages.

  2. Go to the message you want to schedule, then select Click to Create.

    click to create button encircled on custom automated messages home screen
  3. Set up the schedule for this message.

    1. Set the time.

    2. Select the number of days and weeks.

    3. You can also set up an exclude schedule to stop sending this message only during this time.

    4. Then, select Save.

      Save button encircled in the message customisation screen

The message is now scheduled. You can always edit the message recipient list, message, and the schedule of a scheduled message. Simply select the message to edit, then Save.


Navigate to Messages > Outbox to view the status and progress of sent messages. 

Message Tracking

To view a report on the messages status, go to Reports > Messages > Message Tracking.