Training can be handled in various ways. Blackboard Connect offers weekly live Open Training webinars that you can sign up for and attend. Training is conducted in a lecture-style format within a 60-90 minute timeframe. Minimal set-up and equipment is required. Unlimited, new user and refresher webinar trainings are included for the duration of your contract. You may wish to have all of your users get trained this way. Or, perhaps you prefer to go to the training yourself, then train your staff. This approach would allow you to tailor the session specifically to your institution or agency's needs and policies.

Many of our customers prefer to train their users via the Connect 5 Basic Training Video.

This video is 25 minutes long, and provides your users with the basics of using Connect 5.

As the administrator of the system, you'll also want to watch the Connect 5 Admin Functions Video.

The To-do List

  • Decide how you are going to train yourself and your users on the Connect 5 system, and then direct them to either the Connect 5 Basic Training Video or view the open training schedule
  • As an Administrator of the system you will also need Admin training. Either watch the Connect 5 Admin Functions Video or view the open training schedule.
  • Practice Using Safe Mode. The Safe Mode feature lets you practice the entire message sending process, including selecting recipients, creating content, and scheduling times, without the concern that you could accidentally send it. All users should log in to Connect 5, activate Safe Mode, and practice sending a message not only when they first get their accounts, but also periodically to stay fresh. That way, when they are called upon to use the system, they will be comfortable with it.