Institution announcements

Institutions announcements appear in the Today section of the activity stream. You may also find announcements on the login page.

Course announcements

Announcements communicate important, time-sensitive information.

Your instructors can use announcements to share important information with you, such as reminders about course events and due dates.

New course announcements appear immediately when you enter a course. You need to close the New Course Announcements window before you can view course content. After you close the window, it won’t appear again. If your instructor posts new announcements, the window appears again with the new announcements only.

If you want to review a previous announcement, select View all announcements.

Activity stream

Course announcements appear in the Today or Recent section of the activity stream based on when you sign in. Most announcements disappear from your activity stream when you view them within your course.

You receive a course announcement and an activity stream notification about course groups you need to join. If you haven't joined, that alert remains in the activity stream.

Course Content page

On the Course Content page, select Announcements.  You can view all active announcements and sort by title or posted date. To locate a specific announcement, select Search announcements and enter the keywords .

Your instructor can choose to display an announcement for a certain period of time. If you can't find an announcement in the archive, it may have expired.

Email copy of an announcement

Your instructors may email you copies of important announcements. You'll receive these emails if you have an email address in the system. Emails about announcements are always sent and aren't controlled by the global notification settings.

In the email, embedded content appears as links. You can select the links to view the content.