Change Blackboard Learn Content Source in Chatbot 

Select the Blackboard Learn content source for your Chatbot between Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra. This is available for  instructors who use both Blackboard Original and Blackboard Ultra.

Select your Chatbot content source: 

  1. Navigate to the Chatbot at the bottom right corner of the webpage. 

  1. Select the Chatbot.   

  1. In an ongoing chat, the Chatbot shows you content from Blackboard Learn Original or Ultra by default based on the institution’s setting. 

    The Chatbot widget with the welcome message
  1. Select the Change content button found at the bottom of the Chatbot to change the default Chatbot content source. 


    The Chatbot widget with default content source set as Original
  1. Now the Chatbot will show content from the content source you have set. 

    The Chatbot widget with the changed content source

Access Chatbot for Websites 

The Chatbot is usually found at the bottom right corner of your institution website. The Chatbot will respond to questions and empower you to make informed decisions. 

  1. Select the Chatbot. 

  1. Select your role. 

    Chatbot welcome message and role selection prompt
  1. Then, select a category or type your question to begin a conversation with the Chatbot.

Access Chatbot for Learn

To use the Chatbot in Learn:

  1. Select Blackboard Learn's help icon, on the bottom-left of any of the screens.
  2. Select Chat Support.


Blackboard Learn Desktop version screenshot, with purple rectangle pointing towards blackboard help and chat support on the bottom-left corner.


Premium chatbot version is only available for institutions that have enabled it.