You can use Kaltura integrations to present rich media content in your courses. You can use Kaltura to host and share videos, images, and audio files with course members.

The Kaltura integration is powered by Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). Refer to this documentation for information on setting up the tool for your institution.

More on how instructors use Kaltura

Check out FAQs on Kaltura's site

Install and configure Kaltura

Kaltura sends you the information you need to get set up. After you receive that information, follow these steps:

  1. Add Kaltura as a new LTI tool provider on your Blackboard Learn environment.
  2. Create placements for every place you want your students and instructors to find Kaltura tools. For example, create a System tool placement to add My Media to the Tools page in the Ultra base navigation. Create a Course tool placement to add it to course Content Market.

More on how to deploy Kaltura tools on the Kaltura website


If an instructor reports an Access Denied message when opening Kaltura in a course, confirm that the LTI integration is configured to send user data, including Role in Course, Name, and Email Address.

If an instructor is teaching courses in both Original and Ultra, will their My Media libraries be the same?

Yes. The integration is linked to a user's Kaltura account. They can access it no matter what Course View they are using.