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No connection? No problem!

The offline content feature provides continuous access to course content regardless of your internet connection. You can download available content for an entire course or just specific items. Auto sync ensures your downloads are updated the next time you're online.

Your institution might need an update so that you can see this feature in the app. Blackboard administrators can learn more about the offline content technical requirements.

Select content to download

Plan ahead! While you have an internet connection, download some content that you want to view when you're offline.

You can download all offline-supported course content or download selected files. You can download it at the Course Content level or at the folder level.

  1. While online, open the app and access a course.
  2. Access Course Content. You can stay here or open a folder.
  3. Tap the offline options button.
  4. You can download all of the listed content or select individual items.
    • Tap Download all content to get all offline-supported content at once.
    • Tap Select content to download to choose specific items. If you clear a check box, that content will be removed from the course downloads. You won't be able to view that item the next time you're offline.
  5. Tap Update.
  6. Your selected content begins to download. Depending on file sizes, this can take some time.

When you select a folder for download, all of its offline-supported content and subfolders are also selected for download.

The next time you tap Select content to download, you'll see your previous selections. Simply clear a check box if you no longer want to maintain that content offline on your device.

View offline content

When you use the Blackboard Learn app without an internet connection, the app shows a header message that indicates you're in offline mode. If you've been offline for a while, the content you see may be out of date.

DO NOT LOG OUT of the app before you go offline. You'll need an internet connection to log in again. Be sure you've selected the "Keep me logged in" check box on the login screen.

  1. Switch your device to airplane mode or turn off Wi-Fi.
  2. In the app, access a course.
  3. Access Course Content.
  4. Tap any item with a download arrow on its icon to view it. Content that can't be viewed offline is gray.
    Screenshot of Blackboard's Learn App offline content

A folder or item may download partially if some of the items in a folder or portions of an item are not supported for offline viewing.

Delete offline content

Downloaded content uses storage space on your device. When you need to do some cleanup, you can delete offline content.

For all courses at once

You can see how much space your downloaded content uses and delete it.

  1. Go to the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Offline Content.
  3. The Downloaded Content section shows you how much space your downloads use and how much space you have left.
  4. Tap Downloaded Content to delete downloaded content for all courses at once. You can return to a course and download the content again.

For a single course

You can delete all downloaded content for a single course.

  1. In the app, access a course.
  2. Access Course Content. If necessary, select a folder.
  3. Tap the offline options button.
  4. Tap Delete all downloaded content.

You can delete specific downloaded files for a single course.

  1. In the app, access a course.
  2. Access Course Content. If necessary, select a folder.
  3. Tap the offline options button or the three dots at the top right corner.
  4. Tap Select content to download.
  5. Clear the check box for a content item to remove its downloaded file.
  6. Tap Update.

Sync settings

Screenshot of Offline content with Auto Sync toggle turned on

When auto sync is on, content that you've selected for download automatically updates the next time you are online. You can turn off auto sync or sync when on Wi-Fi only.

  1. Go to the main menu and select Settings.
  2. Select Offline Content.
  3. Use the toggle turn auto sync on or off.

When auto sync is off, you need to manually update content that you've selected for download. To update manually, you need to remove the item from the Manage Downloads list and add it again.

  1. Access Course Content. If necessary, select a folder.
  2. Tap the offline options button.
  3. Tap Select content to download.
  4. Clear the check box for the content items you want to update.
  5. Tap Update.
  6. Tap the offline options button again.
  7. Tap Select content to download.
  8. Select the check box for the content items you cleared previously.
  9. Tap Update.

What can I view offline?

In addition to viewing course content offline, you can navigate through these portions of the Blackboard Learn app without an active network connection.

Keep in mind that the information you see in these areas may be out of date since you are offline.

  • Profile
  • Activity Stream
  • Courses
  • Organizations
  • Grades
  • Settings
  • Course areas such as due dates, announcements, Needs Attention, Grades, Announcements, Discussions, and current grade, depending on your role.

Dynamic areas of the app, like the activity stream, show you the information available when you last viewed that area with an internet connection.

Supported offline content

These course content types are available to download for offline viewing:

  • Items
  • Attachments in content items
  • Files
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video

These types of course content are NOT supported for offline viewing:

  • Tests
  • Assignments
  • Course links
  • Embedded YouTube videos or other content stored by third party
  • Items that direct you to a web view of Blackboard Learn, such as wikis
  • Content collection items aren't supported**
  • Images embedded in content items don't display**

**Support will be added in an upcoming* release.

*Statements regarding our product development initiatives, including new products and future product upgrades, updates or enhancements represent our current intentions, but may be modified, delayed or abandoned without prior notice and there is no assurance that such offering, upgrades, updates or functionality will become available unless and until they have been made generally available to our customers.