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If your institution has access to content management, you can store, share, and publish content. You can store and find content in personal, course, and institution folders in the Content Collection, and link to these files in different areas of your course. You can store files you upload to your course in the Content Collection and link to them again.

Course Files vs. the Content Collection

Course Files is the file repository available for all Blackboard Learn courses. However, if your institution has access to content management, the Content Collection is the file repository. You can easily determine which one your institution uses by looking at the Control Panel in a course. If the first menu item says Files, your institution uses Course Files. If it says Content Collection, your institution uses Content Collection as its file repository.

Course Files

  • Content is stored for a single course.
  • You cannot share content across courses.
  • Students don't have access to store or share files.

More on using Course Files

Content Collection

  • You can store content for multiple courses you teach.
  • You can share content across courses and with other users.
  • Students may have access to store or share files.