See an up-to-the-minute list of important course activity including new content, announcements, and grades in the Blackboard app. The activity stream automatically prioritizes the items to help you focus on the tasks that you want to take care of right away.

Tap an item in the stream to open it and begin working. Tap the linked course title within the item if you want to go to the course outline instead.

Stream items

These items show in your activity stream in the app:

  • Alerts from your school (Blackboard Learn system announcements)
  • Course announcements
  • Tests and assignments that are due today or this week
  • Instructor changes to due dates
  • Calendar events for today and the week
  • Instructor changes to events
  • Grades posted for tests, assignments
  • Item added for course items, assignments, tests
  • Missed, overdue, and completed assignments and tests

Only system-generated grade columns show in your activity stream. Grade columns that instructors create manually don't appear in your activity stream.

If you have the Blackboard Learn Ultra experience and access Blackboard on a web browser, you can configure which notifications appear in your activity stream. These settings affect only the web browser view of the activity stream, they don’t affect the app’s activity stream.

Dismiss items

In the app's activity stream, you can dismiss items in the Important section after you read them.

  • When you dismiss a course announcement, it's no longer accessible in the app's Activity Stream on any device. The announcement is still available in Announcements within the course.
  • When you dismiss a system announcement, you're unable to access it in the app temporarily. The announcement may reappear later.
  • Dismissing announcements in the app doesn't carry over to your web view of Blackboard Learn.

Check settings

In the Blackboard app, some activity stream items are affected by your Blackboard Learn 9.1 dashboard notification settings. A notification setting may control whether the item appears in the app's activity stream.

This information applies to systems with Blackboard Learn Original experience only; it doesn't apply to the Ultra experience. You can determine which experience you have by logging in to Blackboard in a web browser instead of the app. Check out the difference between Original and Ultra experience.

Dashboard Notification Settings that Affect Activity Stream Items
Blackboard App Activity Stream Item Dashboard Notification Setting
Course announcement Announcement Available
Due dates for tests and assignments Assignment Due

Test Due
Grades posted for tests and assignments Item Graded
Item added for course items, assignments, tests Test Available

Assignment Available

Item Available
Missed, overdue, and completed assignments and tests Test Overdue

Assignment Overdue
System announcement

Calendar events
Always appear regardless of notification settings

If you don't see some of these activity stream items in the app, you can adjust your dashboard notification settings.

  1. Log in to Blackboard on a web browser.
  2. From the menu next to your name in the page header, select Settings.
  3. Select Edit Notification Settings.
  4. Under Bulk Edit Notification Settings, select the link for courses or organizations. If you make a change for courses, you'll need to make that change for organizations separately.
  5. Make sure that the On/Off column's check boxes are selected for the items that you want to appear in your activity stream. Reference the table provided on this help page.

    Be sure to select the check boxes in the On/Off column, not the Mobile column. The Mobile column controls push notifications only and doesn't affect items in the app's activity stream.

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