Web Conferencing 12.6.9

Web Conferencing 12.6.9 | Release to Production 1 August 2018
Updated Features

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Application launch on windows no longer produces IOException in case the path to the eLiveBrowser contains spaces.
  • JNLP files no longer contains duplicate resource definition of an older jxBrowser jar. The JNLP files no longer include engine-webkit-3.3 in the common resources. The engine-webkit-3.4.jar is now an OS X specific resource only.
  • JNLP files extended with a VERSION field that is used by the Blackboard Collaborate Application Launcher to treat older and new GEMINI client launches correctly.
  • Application launch on MacOS no longer produces a JxBrowser initialization exception whenever the JWS decides to perform relaunch.
  • All the non-3rd party internal DLL and EXE files were signed and should no longer produce security alerts.
  • Signed bundled browser executable.
  • Appshare crashing using dual monitors on machines with Retina display.

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