This page contains a list of potential Learn Ultra issues and their workarounds to help you move forward with Learn Ultra, when things don't work quite as expected.

Learn Ultra Troubleshooting

A compendium of known issues appearing in Learn Ultra and their workarounds that will help you and guide your decision making on how to move forward when things don't quite behave as you expect, and how to better take advantage of what Learn Ultra has to offer.

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Learn Ultra troubleshooting item
Category Keywords Question or issue Troubleshooting suggestion
Interaction with students Discussions
Create discussion
How to create or edit discussions and posts

Online discussions provide unique benefits. Because students can take time to ponder before they post ideas, you may see more thoughtful conversations. You can observe as students demonstrate their grasp of the material and correct misconceptions. You can extend your office hours and reach students more often during the week so that learning is continuous...

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    Interaction with students Email
    Email students
    How do I email my class?

    The email tool allows you to send email to other people in your course without launching a separate email program, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. You can send email to individual users or to groups of users...

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      Interaction with students Accommodations
      Students with special needs
      How do I make accommodations for students?

      You can set accommodations for individual students. You can exempt students from assessment due dates or time limits. Use accommodations to help students progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements.

      You can also give an individual student an exception on a specific test or assignment. An exception includes additional attempts or extended access, even if the assessment is hidden from other students. An exception overrides the two settings applied to everyone else for only that specific assessment...

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        Interaction with students Announcements How do I create announcements for my class?

        Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. Add announcements for these types of course activities:

        • Due dates for assignments and projects
        • Changes to your syllabus
        • Corrections/clarifications of materials
        • Exam schedules

        You can add, edit, and delete announcements from the Announcements page. When you add an announcement, you can also send it as an email to students in your course. Students receive the announcement even if they don't log into your course...

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          Video: Ultra Base Navigation shows an introduction to the Ultra visualization of courses.

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