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Learners sometimes need to complete courses that are difficult to facilitate through a traditional Student Information System (SIS). These courses include non-degree or non-credit courses such as orientations, community enrichment sessions, and professional development for staff and faculty. Training and Development Manager 2.0 (TDM) is a  Blackboard® Learn extension that can exist alongside a Blackboard Learn institution’s SIS to streamline these non-traditional courses, enhance the Blackboard Learn experience, and extend education to unregistered learners.

TDM is a SaaS product that allows institutions to set up a course catalog, configure course registration, including an optional payment gateway, and provide certificates for courses and programs without the need for additional integrations, expensive customizations, or third-party providers. TDM functions are easy to configure so institutions can be confident in the high quality of learners' experiences. TDM 2.0 delivers a brand-new functional user interface and premium features with a superior catalog experience on both the front and back ends.

TDM has several significant features:

  • Course Catalog with Self-Enrollment: Facilitates learner access to Blackboard Learn offerings by allowing learners to browse a catalog of available offerings using configurable filters and self-enroll in those offerings.
  • Learner Account Self-Creation: Enables prospective learners to create TDM accounts, allowing institutions to extend their offerings to broader populations.
  • Dashboards and Certificates: Allows learners to view their past, current, and upcoming offerings and see certificates already obtained and those still available to be obtained.
  • Payment Gateway: Provides institutions with the ability to link to payment service providers such as PayPal and require payment for registration.