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Record Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Client ID

  1. Sign in as the administrator that configured the institutional report and navigate to Settings in the administrator workspace.
  2. Select the Apps tab and select Edit next to the Ally institutional report app.
  3. Record the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Client ID.

    If the “Shared Secret” is not visible, it should have been provided to you by your technical consultant during the implementation. Also make a note of your Client ID, which is the number between “v1/” and “/lti”in the “Launch URL”. These values will be needed during the configuration of the course accessibility report.

Add new application

  1. Sign in as an administrator and navigate to the Settings of the (sub-)account for which the course accessibility report should be added.
  2. Select the Apps” tab and select View App Configurations.
  3. Select the + App” button to add a new app.
  4. Enter this information:
  5. Use one of these URLs for the Tool Provider URL. Replace "[ClientID]" with the Client ID you recorded.
    • Institutions hosted in the US data centre:[ClientId]/lti/instructor
    • Institutions hosted in the Canadian data centre:[ClientId]/lti/instructor
    • Institutions hosted in the European data centre:[ClientId]/lti/instructor
    • Institutions hosted in the Singapore data centre:[ClientId]/lti/instructor
    • Institutions hosted in the Australian data centre:[ClientId]/lti/instructor
  6. Submit the form.

Accessibility Report should now be available in the course left hand navigation. Note that you can also perform these steps in the Settings” for an individual course in case the accessibility reports needs to be added to an individual course. If you encounter any issues configuring the report, please Submit a case on Behind the Blackboard.