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Canonical Data Model changes as of 27 May 2021

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 27 May 2021
Updated features, CDM Changes

Blackboard Learn SaaS CD Releases
Date (YYY-MM-DD) Status Entry Source Description
2021-05-27 Added CDM_TLM.ULTRA_EVENTS Blackboard Learn Ultra Ultra telemetry events table
2021-05-27 Added CDM_TLM.ULTRA_EVENTS.EVENT_TYPE Blackboard Learn Ultra Type of telemetry event
2021-05-27 Added CDM_TLM.ULTRA_EVENTS.EVENT_TIME Blackboard Learn Ultra Date and time of the telemetry event
2021-05-27 Added CDM_TLM.ULTRA_EVENTS.DATA Blackboard Learn Ultra Data of the telemetry event in JSON structure